Pet Sitting Services
Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

•  Reduced stress and anxiety for your pets because they stay in their home

•  Pets continue to follow their normal routine regarding diet and exercise

•  Your pets receive more individualized attention and TLC than they would at a
   most kennels

•  Your pets are not exposed to the sicknesses of other animals

•  No additional expenses for vaccinations such as “kennel cough” are necessary

•  Convenience of not driving your pets to and from a kennel right before and
   after your trip

•  No rushing to get home before the kennel closes.  Your vacation schedule is
   more flexible because you can return night or day and your pets will be safe at     home waiting to greet you!

•  Family, friends, and neighbors aren’t burdened with caring for your pets

•  Worry free 24-hour a day check in service with your pet sitter

•  Peace of mind knowing your pets are being cared for by a professional

•  Your house will be more secure with your pets at home and a pet sitter  
   spending time there

*** Contact information:     (937) 266-0138   or  wwpetsitting@ymail.com  ***